All our holders will join the uttermost benefits of our weekly raffles and giveaways for NFTs, merchandise and other juicy surprises, for which we will partner up with established Solana projects and also finance it from our own treasury.

The project will give birth to a DAO for future projects with many worldwide professional artists providing premium access to PAPYCREW holders.


The Papy Crew humanitarian shelter for children and mothers will be opened to provide its residents with shelter, food, water and hygienic products - basic commodities and psychological help to the ones in need.

Our shelter will also host art therapy projects for our residents which will also involve other projects from the Solana ecosystem.

Who is Papy?

PAPYCREW is a collection of NFTs each representing a unique personality coming to Solana. The main purpose of this crew is to provide humanitarian support to victims of war, prioritizing children. Therefore, we partnered up with Masha Foundation to create a bunch of utilities for the holders and the donees as well.

Our collection features hand-drawn, minimalistic, caricature style artwork, which is one-of-a-kind on Solana. No Blender or other form of digital/AI generated tools were used. Simply human with imperfections and raw creativity. The Papy Crew merchandise store will bring the most “sans serif” contemporary montages to our clothing and accessories accessible to both our donors and holders.

Our focus is to equally award our holders, partners and donees, in order to build something fruitful and helpful which can bring a little positivity in the current world by the fusion of art, humanitarianism and Web3.

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PAPY CREW 2022 - From the people, to the people.